Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need Kontakt?

Yes you need the full version of Kontakt to use Analogue Drums kits within Kontakt. Our kits do NOT work with the free Kontakt Player.

Will you send me Analogue Drums on CD or DVD?

No, our products are offered as downloads only.

Why are some keys ‘left blank’?

Because we’ve sampled drumkits of varied shapes and sizes, they can not all be arranged on a keyboard in the same way. To make the kits as consistent as possible, there are ‘blanks’ on the keyboard so that the smaller kits can generally match the layouts of the larger kits. This helps you switch between kits more easily after you’ve programmed your drum parts.

Can I make changes to the sampler mappings?

Yes. And in fact there are many creative possibilities to explore within the samplers. To minimise problems we recommend that you save your own mappings with different filenames, rather than overwrite the ones that we provide.

What software is needed to use Analogue Drums?

A compatible software sampler (Native Instruments Kontakt, Battery, Apple Logic EXS24, or Slate Trigger – check the relevant product page for compatibility). The mapping files we supply allow you to use Analogue Drums as a virtual instrument.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (or an equivalent) is required to view the reference manual. You can download Acrobat Reader for free at the Adobe website.

If I use Analogue Drums on a commercial music release do I have to pay a royalty fee?


The end user license agreement permits you to use our drums in your musical work with no royalties due.

Can I use Analogue Drums with Sound Replacer, Drumagog, Trigger or any other sound replacement tool?

Yes. All of the samples are provided as unencrypted .wav files and are ideal for drum replacement. Many of our kits are supplied with mappings for Slate Trigger.

I’ve downloaded it, now what do I do?

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file, you will need to unzip (extract) the files to your hard drive. For best performance we recommend that you use an SSD drive, ideally a non-system drive. Once you have extracted the files, you can open the mappings directly from your software sampler.

Can I use Analogue Drums with Halion, Gigasampler, Structure, Reason NN-XT or any other sampler?

At the moment, Analogue Drums is only supplied with mapping files for Native Instruments Kontakt, Battery, EXS24 and Trigger. Individual products support different samplers so check the compatibility notes on the product’s page.