Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Analogue Drums?

Compatable software sampler: Native Instruments Kontakt Full version version 4 or greater
Hard drive: 6.9 GB free storage space available (to download and then unzip)
Processor: 1GHz
OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

Will you send me Analogue Drums on DVD/Flash Drive/SSD?

No, our products are offered as downloads only.

Are your audio demos processed at all?

The short answer is “a-little-but-not-a-lot”.    We want to portray the kits so that what you hear is what you get.

Having said that, our demos typically go through some master bus processing – typically this will apply a very small amount of compression/eq to the overall mix.    E.g. the whole drum sound might get some minor compression on the peaks, and perhaps a small lift (usually no more than 1db) in top end.   I put together many of the demos myself and can say that the sound of the kit is very faithful to what any customer will hear when they load the kit in Kontakt.

The exceptions to this are… some of our first demos for the “tape series one” kits were processed a bit… it’s going back too far to remember exactly how though!

And finally, the demos do have attention paid to the balances – i.e. if any part of the kit needs to be quieter or louder…  this definitely gets tweaked per demo.  But this is all achieved in the Kontakt mixer – the same that a customer gets.   It might not seem like much, but getting the right balance for a particular song makes a very big difference in how the kit feels.

Does Analogue Drums use General Midi layout?

The Tape Series Two kits do provide GM layout. Older products are only provided with proprietary layouts. Some features used in the older kits (such as separate keys for left-hand, right-hand) couldn’t be preserved if we adhered to General Midi layout.

Why are some keys ‘left blank’?

Becasue we’ve recorded various sizes of drumkit, they can not all be arranged on a keyboard in the same way. To make the kits as consistent as possible, there are ‘blanks’ on the keyboard so that the smaller kits can generally match the layouts of the larger kits. This helps you switch between kits more easily after you’ve programmed your drum parts.

Can I make changes to the sampler mappings?

Yes. And in fact there are many creative possibilities to explore within the samplers. To minimise problems we recommend that you save your own mappings with different filenames, rather than overwrite the ones that we provide.

What software is needed to use Analogue Drums?

A compatible software sampler (Native Instruments Kontakt, Battery, EXS24 – check the relevant product page for compatability). The mapping files allow you to use Analogue Drums as a virtual instrument.

Adobe Reader is required to view the reference manual. You can download Adobe Reader for free at the Adobe website.

What about tape-hiss and other analogue noise?

One of the many pleasant characteristics of using tape is tape-hiss. We use the high quality signal chains and tape stock to minimise the level of hiss and other noise.  More often than not our signal chain is so quiet that the noise floor is as low as ambient room noise.   Because of the nature of sampled drum playback, and the many layers than can cause the noise floor to multiply in some circumstances, we do employ noise reduction techniques to clean up the sound to a degree that we think strikes the right balance between clean and raw sound.

If I use Analogue Drums on a commercial music release do I have to pay a royalty fee?


Can I use Analogue Drums with Sound Replacer, Drumagog or any other sound replacement tool?

Yes. All of the samples are provided as unencrypted .wav files and are ideal for drum replacement.

I’ve downloaded it, now what do I do?

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip file, you will need to unzip (extract) the files to your hard drive. For best performance we recommend that you use a 7200rpm hard drive, and use a drive that is not your system drive. Once you have extracted the files, you can open the mappings directly from your software sampler.

Can I use Analogue Drums with Halion, Gigasampler, Structure, Reason NN-XT or any other sampler?

At the moment, Analogue Drums is only supplied with mapping files for Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt and EXS24. Individual products support different samplers so check the compatability notes on the product’s page.