MIDI Files

A collection of free MIDI files for drum parts used with our kits. Most of these files are compatible with any of our kits, however because each kit is unique, each MIDI file will work best with the primary kit indicated. To download a MIDI file right-click the file’s name in the left column and select “save target/link as…”


MIDI file Primary Kit
DeadBeat-Demo DeadBeat
DeadBeat-LazyDaisies DeadBeat
DeadBeat-AbbeyRowed DeadBeat
DeadBeat-Malfunktion DeadBeat
DeadBeat-FancySeeingYouHere DeadBeat
BigMono-SlowLanes Big Mono
BMRDynamicsWorkout Big Mono Redux
BMRPresetsDemo Big Mono Redux
Pizazz-LeafyGreens Pizazz
Pizazz-TuesdayHue Pizazz
Pizazz-TumbleDry Pizazz
AD02-Popsticks-DynamicsWorkout PopSticks
AD02-Popsticks-Jam-102bpm PopSticks
AD02-Popsticks-MediumGroove PopSticks
Smoker-FakePalmLounge Smoker
Smoker-GalesAndStrawBales Smoker
Smoker-OnADryRise Smoker
Smoker-WashedUpWest Smoker
Bombastix-PushAndPull Bombastix
Bombastix-TheArtOfInvisibility Bombastix
Bombastix-ScissorLifts Bombastix
Boxer-Daylights Boxer
Boxer-CarnivalBrides Boxer
Boxer-Phoenix Boxer
Boxer-Slumberific Boxer
FatStacks-Hypnotics Fat Stacks
FatStacks-RiseNShine Fat Stacks
FatStacks-SneakPeak Fat Stacks
FatStacks-SolarTherapies Fat Stacks
FatStacks-WhenAllElseFails Fat Stacks
FatStacks-WhoDatBe Fat Stacks
Royale-NoYoureAJellyfish Royale
Royale-AllThingsAmber Royale
Royale-AutumnsUp Royale
Royale-HeathenHop Royale
Royale-LavenderLinings Royale