FatStacks is a vintage club kit with small drums and a big sound. This kit can set the tone for a range of styles that need an organic, lively beat. It sounds good for R&B, hiphop, funk, raw drum’n’bass, and even acoustic tracks. With several mic layers to blend to your taste, the sound of the kit can go from snappy and clean to gritty and lofi with the twist of a knob. Four snare variations and two kick variations keep things interesting.

The kit is a vintage 1970s Gretsch maple in club configuration, with a custom Pearl micro snare, and a mix of classic Zildjian, Paiste and Wuhan cymbals.

June 16, 2016

Big Mono

Big Mono is a roomy rendition of a loveable vintage Ludwig kit with a Rogers Dynasonic snare, classic Zildjians, and a Sabian ride for good luck. Recorded in mono using a decca-tree configuration supplemented with spot mics for detail, this kit sounds organic and retro with a spacious vibe.

Oh, and it’s FREE.

May 9, 2016