Tired of drums that all sound the same? Analogue Drums kits are distinctive sounding drum libraries that are regarded as some of the most natural, toneful and "real" sampled drums available. We seek out great sounding kits, track them in a variety of acoustic spaces through fine mics and selected analogue gear to produce characterful drum sounds.

"BTW - your drum samples are the best I've ever heard. I've used BFD2 & 3, EZDrummer 1 & 2, Steven Slate 3 & 4, Addictive Drums 2, Native Instruments Studio Drummer, the Abbey Road series (50s through Modern), Superior Drummer 2, Battery, and a few more - and I was never fully satisfied with any of them in my mixes. When I add your drums to my mixes - I finally get the sound I've been hearing in my head all along." - Fab via email

"Analogue Drums has the sound that I'd like to get. [...] Your drums sound honest, believable and are perfect for recording." - Glenn via email

"I am absolutely floored by the quality and variety of your samples. I am becoming addicted to buying your libraries and importing them into my Roland TM-2. I have used many sample libraries through the years and yours are the best by far." - Dimitri via Facebook

"I bought the Big Mono Redux yesterday and was completely blown away. Amazing work, thank you." - Ken via email

"Your drum samples are so vibey; the one word that comes to mind is "alive." It's inspiring man! " - Raymond via email

"Your drums simply made a good track a great track. The toms especially are just like the ones from that era. Love this kit, thanks for the great work." - Tom via email

"Your stuff really fits the music that I do and the kits always sit beautifully in mix." - Ivan via email

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Royalty-free drum sample libraries from tape. Vintage, Ludwig, Slingerland, DW, Gretsch, Rogers, Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Bosphorus, cymbals, Neve, API, Neumann, 2" Tape, Kontakt, EXS24, Battery, Kick, snare, cymbal, crash, ride, hihat, tom, splash, Boutique, distinctive, different, organic, alternative, retro, raw, 60s, 70s, 80s.